Calculated values saved in submissions


I was wondering, i’m using a calculated field in a form to have a built-in feedback on credit loan possibilities. Its calculates (in a hidden field) what percentage is available for loans.
On the front-end this works like a charm.
But on submission of the client this data is not stored, which bums me out.

Any ideas how to make sure these calculations (and hidden fields) appear in the submissions (and in Zapier)?

Thx community!

If you’ve not yet done so, check out the documentation for Troubleshooting Issues with Calculation Results. It may have something useful to resolve this.

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Switching it from a hidden field to an standard visible field that is hidden via CSS? That obviously presents some data security concerns. A different approach would be to have the same calculation value updated into an administrative field following the form submission. Either via gforms_after_submission and the GFAPI::update_entry_field or a no/lower code approach via the Gravity Flow Form Connector Update Fields step type. Any of the feeds which are part of a Gravity Forms add-on such as Zapier can also be run as a step in the workflow so you can ensure they happen after the adjusted calc is stored.


Thx Jamie,

I think that Form Connector would do the job, im gonna look into that!