Severe problems with Gravity Forms

I have been encountering severe problems with Gravity Forms, some of which pre-date the 2.5 update. Here are some examples:

  • Form field calculations simply do not work.
  • Calculated form fields are not recalculated on an update
  • The form editor is AWFUL - I cannot see most of the fields because they overlay each other on my screen
  • Field ID numbers are difficult to find

Hi Bob. For the calculations, the most common issue is a Javascript conflict with other software on your site, or setting up the form and calculations incorrectly.

As for the form editor, we would need to see some screenshots of what you are running into. Also, the form editor is being tweaked for Gravity Forms 2.6 to give it some more space and that may address the things you are running into. And for the field IDs, have a look at this solution to add a field ID to the field in the editor:

If you need further assistance with any of those issues, please open a support ticket here:

Thank you.


Thank you for a prompt response. What I hear you saying is that there may be a conflict with other code or I may have screwed up a calculation. . Please tell me if this looks like a mistake in my code: ({Rate:4} * {Units:5})-{Fees:21}. What you are really saying, possibly without intending to say it is, “Not our problem”. In psychological terms, this is called a “Deflection”.

The problem may have to do with the algorithm used to update the field values. They seem to update correctly when a new entry is created, but not when that same entry is updated and one of the input values changes. If this is the problem, then I would label is as a big.

As for the screen shots, here is an example. Note how the whole right side is clipped off and the Add Field panel steps on the field properties panel. It’s a real mess. Hopefully, this will get cleaned up in 2.6.

The bottom line for me is that there are some fundamental design decisions that suggest a lack of understanding of relational databases. I get that this is just a Form product, but products like Gravity Views and Gravity Perks exist because of the holes in the Gravity Forms design.

I have been working with database systems since 1972 when I helped bring up IMS at Ohio State University. I was a developer at Tamdem Computers in 1978 and worked heavily with SQL Server, starting in 1990. And I have been building software solutions since 1967 which makes me a bit older than most programmers today. It also gives me a rather broad perspective on software in general and Gravity Forms in particular. I am also a heavy user of Gravity Views and in regular communication with the two Rafael’s. I find myself constantly frustrated by the limitations in their JOIN capabilities and the problems they have sorting joined views that seem to lie with the the rather arcane way that GF manages its data.

If GF had used SQL as its underlying model, it would be massively more powerful than it is now. I find myself cursing the designers of GF on a daily basis as I try to do things that would be as simple as rolling out of bed with SQL but seem nigh on impossible with GF.

Thus endith my rant… for today.

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Without having access to the for itself to check the whole setup is not possible to answer the above question. I would recommend you to open a ticket as Chris suggested and include your form .json export file.

What you mean exactly with updating the entry? If you’re referring to editing values from the entry details page, I can’t replicate any issue with calculations when doing this in my test site. We would need the form export to check your setup and perform testing with it.

I can’t replicate the issue in a default WordPress installation. I would recommend you to perform a full conflict test.

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