I want to make a number field with percentage

Hi, I’m new to gravity forms. Is it possible to make number fields and tell the form element that it is:

  • percentage
  • currency
  • etc.

Like in excel so the currency symbol or % sign is added?

You can use a number field in Gravity Forms and you can select “Currency” from the “Number Format” drop down. That will display the field as the currency that is configured for your site. If you entered 1000 into a number field configured in this way, it would display as $1,000.00 when you moved to the next field (assuming USD currency.)

There is no similar feature like that for percentage. I’ll add that to our list of feature requests though for an additional number format. Thank you.

oke thanks, a more general feedback for calculations: I need features to make excel like calculations. Any plans to improve this?

If functions

Thank you for your suggestions.

While your waiting on Chris,

Here is the solution

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