Radio button, show value, number with comma/decimal number


can you help me?
I have a form with a radio button and in the field show value i want to add a number with decimal. In the following field number i want to start a sum calculation. With decimal numbers (like 9,90) it doesn’t work. Can you help me?
gr. sebas

Hi Sebastian. I just tested this out. I added two radio button fields, and assigned values with a comma decimal separator for all the choices, then I created two calculated number fields, and added the values in one field, and multiplied them in the other field. I changed the Number Format drop down to 9.999,99 (decimal comma) and when I test the form, those two calculated number fields are correct.

Are you experiencing something different in your site, or doing something different with your calculations?

Hi again Sebastian. Despite my experience with the calculations, one of my colleagues pointed me to our documentation here:

I hope that helps explain what is going on.