Error when saving field values: WordPress database error: unable to perform query as it contains invalid data

Hello, in entry forms since 6 six day I’have a cup of empty message with this (I’m french) message when I open this one.

I’ve test form by myself and the form is sending, no problem. But I’m surprises because I don’t receive any message since this “empty message” (about 10)

Do you have an idea ?

Thanks !

Could you check your server logs and see if there any other errors?

That happens when there are invalid characters submitted in the form. This is normally a spam submission. If you enable Gravity Forms logging, you can check the Gravity Forms core log to see what they tried to submit. Here are the instructions for enabling logging:

Thanks Chris ! I’ve just activated logging, but I also realize that I hadn’t activated the “honeypot” (I thought I had).

Thanks, but I prefer Chris’ solution :wink:

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