Troubleshoot missing form completions


Sometimes - users will say that they completed the form, but I don’t see any form submissions. While I don’t believe these cases most of the time, this symptom does happen more often than I would expect. So I am open to the possibility that it does happen sometimes. In the form entries after these submissions “happen”… there is never any data submitted. Almost as if the form submission never happens, or goes somewhere else entirely (if it actually happens at all).

I tested the form recently and it works fine.

Should I turn on logging to help monitor this? Also - the information being submitted is sensitive, will the logging only be local on our server or does it also get submitted to Gravity Forms (the company).

Let me know if any of you have feedback/comments.

Thank you.

Sure, that’s the only way to monitor what’s going during a submission process.

I recommend you to add this snippet to your site for extra logging of the validation reason:

All the information generated in your site by Gravity Forms, including logs, are saved only on your site.

Also the name for each log file contains a random secure hash to prevent someone without access to your admin from knowing the name of the log files. Logs are automatically deleted if you disable logging, and if you enable it again, new hashes are generated for the file names.

In addition to this, a blank index.html file is added to the logs folder to prevent directory listing in case of a misconfigured server allowing directory listing.

So basically, if you don’t share your log links, nobody should be able to find or access them.

Thanks for the feedback. Could you clarify one thing for me? At the top of the core log, there’s this message:

2023-03-28 15:25:19.438263 - DEBUG --> GFCommon::post_to_manager(): endpoint:

What is this “endpoint” for?

Thank you.

That’s used for license validation and updates.

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