Gravity Forms throwing errors in GeneratePress theme

I received this error when I updated Gravity Forms to version 2.7 today.

Warning : mysqli_query(): (22032/3141): Invalid JSON text in argument 1 to function json_contains: “Invalid value.” at position 0. in /home/customer/www/ on line 2187

When I turned on the WP-Config.php error log on I received this database error.

WordPress database error: [Invalid JSON text in argument 1 to function json_contains: “Invalid value.” at position 0.]
SELECT form_id FROM kxi_gf_form_meta WHERE JSON_CONTAINS(display_meta, '{\"form_full_screen_slug\": \"events/dr-jason-baxter-event\"}', '$.gf_theme_layers')

So, I reverted the site back a day and will wait a little bit to update the plugin, but wanted to make Gravity Forms aware of this. This is the first problem I’ve ever had and I’ve been using GF’s for years. GeneratePress is up to date and so is my Wordpress version. Not sure if it matters, but I’m using Siteground as my host.

Hi Joe. Can you please open a support ticket for this issue and include a copy of your system status report?

Thank you.

I suspect the reason for this issue is that the kxi_gf_form_meta table contains some very old forms that haven’t been modified in years, so they are still serialized. We switched to JSON several years ago when saving new forms and updating existing forms.

Can you open a support ticket at, so we can investigate and confirm if this is the cause of your issue?

Looks like I am having no luck recreating the issue. I had restored the backup after I saw the error, but now it looks like there might have been an auto update, but regardless, Gravity Forms is updated and there are no PHP errors showing up in the site. I had created a staging site, and noticed that the plugin was already updated. Sorry about that. please let me know if there are any other questions you might have? I’m guessing creating a support ticket now would not be beneficial?

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