Mass Confirmation Error

This is probably an error on my part and I’m searching for what I did wrong. My form has created numerous blank confirmations. Any idea why?

A little follow up. those list items look like this:

And it doesn’t seem to be happening anywhere else.

That’s a new one! Have you already checked for theme and plugin conflicts on the site?

Also, did those all happen at once, or does a new one get added every time you visit the page or something like that?


Thanks Chris, I just did that a week ago over another issue and it caused an error. I’m actually wondering if this is another error caused by it.

An update, looking at the Database, the Confirmation seems like it is supposed to be saved under “Confirmations”, which makes sense. Here is a normal form:

Although in the form that is having issues, it seems to be gunked up. It actually appears to be what belongs under “display_meta”.

I’m backing up everything, but might try some… brain surgery.

Was able to make it work by inserting this JSON directly into the SQL. Be sure to replace the ids with the appropriate ones in the display_meta.

{"5ab8b97b3c281":{"id":"5ab8b97b3c281","name":"Default Confirmation","isDefault":true,"type":"message","message":"Thanks for contacting us! We will get in touch with you shortly.","url":"","pageId":"","queryString":""},"sc15c5e77a133408":{"id":"sc15c5e77a133408","event":"form_saved","name":"Save and Continue Confirmation","isDefault":true,"type":"message","message":"<p>Please use the following link to return and complete this form from any computer.<\/p><p class=\"resume_form_link_wrapper\"> {save_link} <\/p><p> Note: This link will expire after 30 days.<br \/>Enter your email address if you would like to receive the link via email.<\/p><\/p> {save_email_input}<\/p>","url":"","pageId":"","queryString":""},"sc25c5e77a1334c0":{"id":"sc25c5e77a1334c0","event":"form_save_email_sent","name":"Save and Continue Email Sent Confirmation","isDefault":true,"type":"message","message":"<span class=\"saved_message_success\">Success!<\/span>The link was sent to the following email address: <span class=\"saved_message_email\">{save_email}<\/span>","url":"","pageId":"","queryString":""}}