Form Submitters Not Receiving Confirmation

Issue: When a website user clicks the button to submit their form information we receive the entry but the user does not receive the confirmation, which is intended to send them to a different page on the website. The test display confirmation also does not work as intended.

The form appears to be embedded in the footer in the theme the original website creator made with the following values:

<?php gravity_form(1, true, false, true, '', true, 124); ?>

I am not a developer, but I would assume that something is blocking users from receiving the confirmation result. I would appreciate any insight to what the problem might be, thanks!

Hi Sam. When embedding the form with the function call, be sure to include the required scripts as well, using this filter:

If that is being done, and the form never shows a confirmation after the form is submitted, there is most likely a conflict with other software on the site. You can check for conflicts on the site using the Health Check & Troubleshooting Plugin from WordPress. We have an article on how to do that on our website here:

Please let us know what you find out.

Thanks Chris.

It does look like the enqueue scripts was missing; this was my attempt at following the linked documentation:

Screenshot 2021-07-27 120108

Unfortunately, there is still no confirmation.

I was looking at the Health Check and Troubleshooting plugin but didn’t quite understand how I would be able to test the intended purpose of the form if the form is embedded in our custom theme and for troubleshooting you use a default theme. Apologies if I’m missing something!

Hi Sam. That gravity_form_enqueue_scripts function looks correct. There are a couple ways to check for conflicts.

One way is to embed the form in a post or page, using the Block or the shortcode, without having to use your PHP function call or the enqueue_scripts function, and see if the form displays as expected. If it does show, then the issue is likely related to the function call you are using to embed the form.

Another way to check for conflicts is to use these steps:

The Health Check plugin will ask you to use a default theme like Twenty Twenty one. But you can still use the Health Check plugin to check for all plugin conflicts. If it works, you know the issue was a plugin conflict. If it does not work, the issue could still be tied to your theme, and you would need to embed the form in a theme template file, from the new theme you test, like Twenty Twenty One.

The goal will be to see if Gravity Forms can work when a default theme from Automattic is active and no plugins other than Gravity Forms are active. If it works there, then you know WordPress and Gravity Forms as working as expected, and you have to figure out if the issue is your theme or a plugin.