Update to 2.7 Broke my Site

Prior to the update to 2.7, my site was working properly. I utilize a custom function to populate a drop-down menu on a webpage. The webpage calls the function through shortcode. After the update to 2.7 I get the fllowing error msg:
WordPress database error FUNCTION atticusadmincustomerportal_wp.JSON_CONTAINS does not exist for query SELECT form_id FROM wp_gf_form_meta WHERE JSON_CONTAINS(display_meta, ‘{"form_full_screen_slug": "project-select-page"}’, ‘$.gf_theme_layers’) made by require(‘wp-blog-header.php’), require_once(‘wp-includes/template-loader.php’), apply_filters(‘template_include’), WP_Hook->apply_filters, Gravity_Forms\Gravity_Forms\Form_Display\GF_Form_Display_Service_Provider->Gravity_Forms\Gravity_Forms\Form_Display{closure}, Gravity_Forms\Gravity_Forms\Form_Display\Full_Screen\Full_Screen_Handler->load_full_screen_template, Gravity_Forms\Gravity_Forms\Form_Display\Full_Screen\Full_Screen_Handler->get_form_for_display, Gravity_Forms\Gravity_Forms\Form_Display\Full_Screen\Full_Screen_Handler->get_form_by_slug, Gravity_Forms\Gravity_Forms\Query\JSON_Handlers\GF_Query_JSON_Handler->query

Before I create a ticket, just want to see if anyone else is having issues. Btw, I LOVE Gravity Forms! So, I know this is just a hiccup and if there is an issue, the Gravity Forms Team will fix it.

It looks like the error is being caused by your site using an outdated version of MariaDB. If your host can upgrade MariaDB to version 10.2.25 or greater, that would resolve the error.

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The database I am using is MySQL 5.7, not MariaDB.

In that case, please open a support ticket, including your system report.

Will do. Thanks.

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This issue is fixed in version, which is available from the downloads page.

To update, follow the steps at https://docs.gravityforms.com/how-to-manually-update/

Once updated, you’ll also need to clear/flush any caching and script optimization plugins and services the site may be using, as well as your browser cache.

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