Error in active campaign feed - select field


I got an error with my form and the Active Campaign feed. The information is not being passed on correctly. It almost looks like it’s because of the page the form is on. For the other forms are successfully carried through. |

What happens:
The fields filled in are, first name, last name, email address, date of master class and the option to sign up for a newsletter.

The information passed to ActiveCampaign is: email, first name and last name.

But the contact will not be connected to a list, nor will the other information be passed on.

In the back, this is all filled in. And with the other forms, this goes successfully.

Update: Still debugging. And I noticed: It is the select field that keeps the other fields from being read. Without this field it goes successful.

This select field I use for the visitor to select the data they want to visit the masterclass. It goes to a custom field inside Active Campaign.

We would need to see logging information to help with this one, please open a support ticket.