Enabling Quantity with Multi-Select


I am creating a form for a non-profit event. It’s a virtual event that includes a t-shirt with registration. The client has a ‘family package’ feature for their registration. I was hoping to collect t-shirt sizes using multi-select. However, if two family members want the same size, I also need a quantity option next to the sizes. Is this possible? I’m coming up empty with google… has anyone ever done this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Shawna. I think I would set this up as individual fields for the t-shirt sizes, rather than using multi-select. You could conditionally show the number of product fields (to select the size for one shirt) based on the number of people who are registering in the form.

If they select “Family Package” you can show a field “How many people in the family will be participating?” And then based on that answer (1,2,3,4,5,6?) you show between 1 and 6 Product fields where they will select:

Family Member #1 t-shirt size
Family Member #2 t-shirt size
Family Member #3 t-shirt size
Family Member #4 t-shirt size
Family Member #5 t-shirt size
Family Member #6 t-shirt size

If you need help setting that up, or if that approach won’t work, please let us know here.

I have a similar need, but they also get to pick men’s or women’s style, and I want them to be able to order “extra” shirts of different sizes. So i can’t predict the number of shirts they are going to order.

So i have 5 products (small, medium, large, xl, xxl) with a quantity each. Now i need to add a 2nd dimension for men’s women’s. That is 10 products; looks a bit clunky.

If radio buttons had a quantity, this would make things look much neater.

Any suggestions?

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