Build Simple Form

I am trying to build a simple form to sell t-shirts. I need 6 sizes, the quantity for each size, and the color choice. Once the selections are made, the submit button will redirect to a payment page.

The redirect portion works fine, but I’m struggling with the form. Ideally I would like one product - the t-shirts, which are all the same price, and have the choices for the product reflect the sub choices for size, quantity, and color. I tried that first but while it would reflect the sizes correctly, I could not find a way to edit the choices to reflect quantity and color.

I then tried to have the one product field, but that did not pass along quantity and size, although it did pass along color. It also did not correctly calculate totals for the choices selected.

I then added a product (hidden) field for each size, and then it does pass along the correct size and color, but the quantity defaults to 1 for each size regardless of whether any selection is made at all, or the user selects 1 or more shirts for a given size. The calculation also is set at $150 - which is $25 per each of the 6 sizes, and no matter what quantity is selected remains at that number.
The shipping field calculates properly, but I’m stuck on the product fields.

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