Enable conditional logic on date fields

Simple plugin from Adrian Gordon no longer supported. Would love to have the ability to enable conditional logic on a date field - eg. ‘display this field’ if date field (for example) ‘is not blank’. Would be hugely helpful when you have a date based form that allows the user to optionally enter several dates at once. Don’t really understand why you can’t do it natively rather than looking around for add ons / more plugins / extensions / perks etc.

It is a separate plugin, but the following will do what you need:

Appreciate the feedback, thank you. Have seen the gravity Wiz extension. I think $50 is quite a lot to to pay for a basic function based on dates although I completely appreciate that the ‘perk’ goes beyond the basics of conditional logic. I remain a little disappointed that basic conditional logic is excluded from a date field in the standard gravity offering.

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hola, encontraste alguna solución que no es de pago? Graciasss de antemano

No. I’m afraid not. It is disappointing

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Gracias, desde luego no es entendible que no disponga de ello

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