Conditional Logic Based on Datepicker Date

Wondering how to set up conditional logic based on the date entered in a datepicker field. We need to set up a conditional field that would display if a date entered in a datepicker field is older than today less 1 year.

For example, if the person enters a date that is older than 1 year ago today, then we want to show an additional field.

Enter your date: 2/8/2020
[new conditional logic question] Sorry that is more than a year ago. Is this correct?

If date was less than a year ago, proceed as normal, no conditional field.

I know how to use conditional logic, but the datepicker fields aren’t available out of the box. Has anyone come up with a workaround?

Hello. I am not sure if anyone has alternative to this plugin from Gravity Wiz:

That will definitely handle your scenario, but I will leave this open in case some has an alternate solution.

Thanks Chris. I did see that. We just really need only that little bit of logic and the client is a nonprofit, I was hoping to help them avoid the annual expense.

I’ll leave this open in case someone has an alternate method they’ve used with success.

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