Dynamically Populate GF with CF and Taxonomy value of a POD

I have a PODs CPT (Ornament).On the Single Page View of that POD there are CFs and Taxonomy Terms and Values displayed using a PODs Template that uses magic tags.

Also have a GF embedded on that page that allows a user to create a new record in the PODs CPT (Collection Item) (Table not Meta storage). Currently using hooks to Dynamically Populate Post_Title, Post_Featured Image and Post_URL to the form, as well as allowing user to enter other CF information.

I want to modify the form to Dynamically Populate the values of 2 other items from the Ornament POD. Retail Price is a CF of Ornaments and Edition is a Taxonomy on Ornaments. They would both be CFs on the Collection Item POD.

Can a hook be used to Dynamically Populate CFs and Taxonomy Values, or do I need to try something like GF Populate Anything to be able to do that?

According to your message you’re already using hooks to populate some fields of your form. So to populate other fields you can do the same, as long as you’re the one who created the code.

If it was created by a developer and you don’t have enough coding skills, GP Populate Anything could be a good solution. I would recommend you to reach the author to confirm if it could fit your needs.

Thanks for the response. I was able to find enough snippits to put together the previous hooks I used. Haven’t found much dealing with CFs and Taxonomies. I’ll keep working with the code and if I’m not successful will reach out to Populate Anything author to insure it fits the issue.