Donation form like this

I’m trying to setup a donation program for a charity website

  1. Where you can set an image – tier level

  2. Each tier can be set to a default fixed price per month.
    But where the donor still has an option to change this to (daily / weekly / monthly / yearly)

  3. donor has an option to add a custom amount.

  4. With each tier, set Benefits of the charity program.

Inspiration check: Donate — Chive Charities Members

Would be so nice if this is possible somehow. Can someone help me?

So far I have this beta.

Beta preview:


However, I still have troubles with the custom value to show the right benefits :confused:

As well to use a TIER BOXE layout instead of basic product bullets (image/amount etc) like they do it on that charity website that I showed.

Is it possible to use recurring payments with mollie?

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