Document Download Link 404 Error

We have an employment form on our website that includes an upload field for resumes in .pdf, .doc or .docx format. There are several locations getting these forms, depending on what position is being applied for. The managers that get the email notification when the app is submitted are complaining that when they click the download the Resume, it shows a 404 error on the website. I’ve tried to replicate the condition from my end, but the documents come through fine for me. I can click on the link in the notification email and the documents display as expected. These download links have worked in the past, but something has changed over the past 2 months where the links are producing 404 errors. Has anyone else run into this situation? The live website is Employment - Columbia Athletic Club

Hi Jeff. Please have a look at our troubleshooting guide for the gf-download links, which is what I think you are having trouble with:

Please let us know what you find out, or open a support ticket if you need additional assistance:

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