File Upload Link Not Ending in .jpg

Hey there,

Would appreciate some help on this! Gravity Forms is doing 99.9999% of what I need and I can’t figure out that last little bit so I’m hoping you guys can help.

I got the file upload to work in every way, except when the link to the image gets sent to my email doesn’t end in .jpg, and isn’t always clickable. Is there a way to fix this that makes it more ideal? Can I control the end of the link?


is what’s appearing after the .jpg along with some other text.

Like I said, any help would be so greatly appreciated!

Hi Thomas. Is the link you’re referring to the one with the gf-download portion in it? If so, some email clients do have trouble with that. Can you share an example of what you are seeing when it comes through in your email notification?

And what email client are you using?

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Outlook! We’re on an Office 365 plan.