Displaying a specific list item entry with merge tag

Is there a method I can use to display just the last OR first row (instead of the entire list) of the list field entry via a merge tag?

Hi Moorey. You can use the gform_merge_tag_filter to create a custom merge tag for yourself, which can return any part of the List field you like. See example 3 here:

Hi Chris,

Thanks for that.

I’ve stumbled upon it after the post and tried it on a test site (clean WP/GF/GV install). Putting the code in functions.php, output it via GravityView and it didn’t work. In fact, with or without the code, following the example’s list merge tag still produces everything into a CSVs.

Has the function changed?

Anyway, I’ve emailed support for their guidance.

Thanks again!

The function has not changed. I’m
Glad you opened a ticket. Let us know the end result.

Same issue here. Trying to parse out individual responses from column list field just returns all responses as CSV. I can open a ticket if needed.

Anyone having an issue with this please open a support ticket and we can help you with it: