Want to edit Email notification output for a list field [RESOLVED]


I need to do certain modifications to the email notification output for a list field item.
Not sure, if i can do the same with some code tweaks, if yes…which file need tweaking.
Please advise.

Here’s the screenshot


You can use the gform_merge_tag_filter filter:


Hi Vikash,

I might be confused, but I thot your question was related to the presentation of the list fields, and not its populated values. I do believe the esteemed Chris is addressing filtering the captured values, and not the displayed format.

IF it is the presentation of the submitted values you are seeking to change, then I believe you would need to define a custom CSS Class for how it is displayed.

@chrishajer am I correct on how one would go about modifying the displayed values after the submission event ?

Yes James, You’re right.
I need to know about the changes we can do within the list field.

I’m really not sure where exactly I’ve to do the changes in the css. In which template or file within the core plugin file (As its urgent).


I followed this plugin/article and got the solution.
Hope it helps someone in need.

Thanks again for all the responses and support.
Glad to be a part of this community.



Glad you resolved your challenge :slight_smile: