Modify List Field HTML for Notifications and Entry


I have a customization in place where the user types into a list field input then chooses a dynamically populated value from a drop down. What I need to do now is modify the List HTML for whenever an email is sent and the Entry HTML to include a separate value from a custom database based on the users selected value.

Looking at the plugin, I’m not seeing an easy way to modify the List Field HTML for email or entry. It looks like I might be able to PHPDOM the email message and add in a new Table Cell (though I would prefer an easier solution) but I’m not seeing a proper hook to update the Entry list table values to include this dynamic value.

TL;DR - I need to add a custom value into the generated List Field HTML for Email and the Entry. It might be easier to assume that the value I need to add is static.

Hi Alex. You can use the gform_save_field_value filter to modify a value before saving the entry:

That modified value will then be available in the notification email. Does that work for you?

Another alternative would be to use gform_replace_merge_tags to create a custom merge tag. Passing the list field/value as a parameter and replacing the result with your custom lookup.


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