List Field Targeting field/s

Is it possible with a list field to target a specific field in a row?

I’m guessing this question is rather complex as you would need to know how many rows the user has submit then target the row / then the field.

My list has 3 fields lets call then fone,ftwo,fthree

In short I am trying to target field 3 fthree of every row submit and put then in a url string one after the other. I can then use that string in the email notification.

Ideas always appreciated thanks.

Check out this documentation on the gform_merge_tag_filter. Specifically, look at example 3. List field column which shows how you can access all values from a specific column in a list field. That example outputs the values in a comma-separated list, but should give a good start for using them in the way you need.

Thanks Joshua.

That gives me a slight insight. But not enough to help out my lack of code foo to overcome the problem. I would essentially need values every row on on fthree and need them available for the notifications page.

Many thanks for the input. Certainly not your fault, just myself not having the ability to work out the solution.

I wasn’t able to find any documentation specifically referencing the list field merge tag modifiers but it’s possible you can target the third row for each list field in a notification using merge tag modifiers. It would look something like this in your notification:


Of course, you would update the merge tag above with the correct label and ids. Granted, since I wasn’t able to find any documentation for the list field merge tag modifiers it’s possible that this is currently not supported.

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