Display user reg password in admin

Hey all,

created a form that uses the user registration advanced password field. Worsk great apart from I m not able to see the value entered from the front end on the admin side after the submission takes place.

We need that so we can manually use the password in a different system and its going to be a password that the preference of our user.

yes automation is always a good idea but for now we need to view the password in the admin side when we view enteries.

thoight that would have been avaliable? Unless I am missing something I cannot see it anywhere…

Hi Amir. Information captured in the password field is not visible anywhere in Gravity Forms. You will need another approach to capturing those users’ passwords.

Hey Chris,

Ah, thats a shame :expressionless:

DO you by any chance have any ideas on how gravityforms can be used to collect a password and then display that in admin apart from using a stanard text field?

Aside from using a standard text field, no, I don’t have another method. I would encourage you to NOT use a plain text field to capture and store a password though, and I hope you can find another way.