Post Form Password

I am creating a post form for a community website using GF. It works well and users don’t need to be registered users in order to use it (which puts some people off). I had hoped to use a GF password field which the user would have to complete in order to submit the post.

Only one problem: the Password field appears to have gone missing! It’s no longer available in my advanced fields. Has it been taken out?

Some fields, like the Password field, are only available with add-ons. You’ll need the User Registration add-on to be active to use the Password field. Please note, the Password field is a display only field type, meaning the value is not saved to the entry.

Hi, Richard -

Thanks for your response. Presumably the password field can be used in the way I have suggested? That users would have to input a common password before a form could be submitted successfully?

How about protecting the page where you embed the form with a Post Password. Without that, they would never see the form and could not submit it. If that does not work for you, please let us know.

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