Creating a link within a text field [RESOLVED]

Hello, I’m very new to Gravity Forms and could use some assistance.

My business has Wordpress website. Our customers can order services through our website using a (Gravity) Form.

I’ve got the basic fields all set up with no problems.
There’s a text field at the bottom of the form, which contains terms and conditions of ordering a service from us.

Within that text field, I have to ask our customers to agree to our standard business terms and conditions, and I have those terms and conditions (a pdf document) elsewhere on our website should the customer wish to review them, prior to submitting their online order.

I’ve created the text “click here to review the terms and conditions”.
My question is, how do I create a link to the pdf document, that customers can view by clicking on “click here”?

Many thanks from a Gravity Forms newbie :slight_smile:

You can use HTML tags for the label and field description. So you can create a link for the PDF just using standard HTML for links, check the example here: HTML a tag

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Thank you Samuel, as someone who has never worked with HTML before, that took a bit of work to get my head around, but I managed to figure it out, and get this all working as I wanted.
Very much appreciate your assistance! Have a great day!

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