Terms and Conditions / contract

Trying to make a large terms and condition / contract form that allows us to capture both the content of the terms / contract as well as the persons agreement on the form that is emailed out as well as converted to a pdf. I have found some old articles from about 10 years ago and at that stage there was no way to have a large information box without the use of scrolling.
I have seen that there is a way to do it via the html box but that this does not fully show up on the finished form.

Has this been fixed yet or introduced? am i missing a simple way of doing this?

Are there any third party plugins that allow me to do this easily?

Any help would be great.

Thanks .

Here’s an approach I’ve been using in order to capture content of contracts and write it to a PDF via GravityPDF. I remember someone else requesting something similar recently, so I figured it was time to write this up and share.



Thanks so much! taking a look now