Static Text that submits

Would like to be able to make HTML box or add Content (static text) that submits with the form. If i want to make a “contract like” form online, when they submit the form, all the text disappears and only the form titles and description stay.

So if i have Gravity PDF to save that and provide the client a copy of the contract, it’s blank. It’s a simple request that is long overdue. Shouldn’t have to lump everything into a consent box. It would be great it it looked like a nice form with that ability to add text wherever i wanted like a contract or business letter.

The HTML field is purely for displaying HTML inside the form and therefor not submitted with the form.

However, you could use HTML fields to display the text to the client and hidden fields to have the contents of those HTML fields submitted with the forms :slight_smile:

I also have a solution for this that you might find helpful. It’s a small bit of javascript that grabs the WordPress post content you identify and auto-fills it into an HTML field on submit. I use it for the very reason you mention – having a form for submission of contracts where each contract might have different text. I’ve been meaning to write something up. When I do, I’ll try to remember and post back here.

@chronos I finally got around to writing up my solution for this.

Capture Post Content in a Gravity Form Field

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Nice write-up. Thank you!