Adding field description to the form submission

Is it possible to have the form description appear in the submission?

Hi nurenu. That is not possible with any built in Gravity Forms functionality. The easiest way would be to copy and paste that form description into the ‘default value’ for a single line text field, and make that text field “administrative” or “hidden” visibility.

If that does not make sense for you, and you are changing the description frequently and don’t want to maintain that text in two places, then you could use custom code to copy from the form description when the form is submitted, and stored that in a field in the form. You could do that with the gform_pre_submission filter:

I don’t have any example code to share, but the $form is available to that filter, so you can access the $form[‘description’] to get your value, then write that back to a field using the gform_pre_submission filter.

I just noted that your topic subject says “field description” but the question you posted says “form description”. I was answering for “form description” but if you need something different, let us know.

Yes I meant Field Description. So the field description would show up in the form submission. Currenltly the form submission shows the field title and field answer.

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