Placeholder text included in submission

I know that the default is the placeholder text for a field will not be included in the submission, but is it possible to do this?

For example, i have a number field where the user enters the number they want. I would like to see the submission results have the number and a pre-determined placeholder. Placeholder would be “Units” . Someone would enter for example “2” in the field. And the results would show “2 Units”

Hi nurenu. That is not possible by default but you could use the gform_merge_tag_filter to append placeholder text to the value that was submitted. Here is the documentation for the gform_merge_tag_filter filter: gform_merge_tag_filter - Gravity Forms Documentation

With that, you could create a merge tag modifier like “placeholder” and then in your merge tag do this:

{Number of units required:12:placeholder}

And then instead of “2” being returned by the merge tag {Number of units required:12}`, your code would take what was entered, and combine that with the string " Units" so it becomes “2 Units”.

You may have to add additional code if the placeholder is not always “Units”. You could grab the form ID from the $entry[‘form_id’] and then get the $form using the get_form API function. Then you can loop through the form fields to retrieve the placeholder property for the field.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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