Creating a contract

I see that I can use the signature add on for signatures, but is there a way to have there be a bunch of text then a field, then another block of text then get initials and so on. I can just cram things into the description if need be, but I was wondering if there was a way to lay out more professional looking content interspersed between the fields. Thanks!

Hi Michael. I’m not sure what you mean exactly. Can you send a screenshot or example of what you are looking for?

If you are looking for something like Docusign which can ask for initials in certain places on a form, Gravity Forms does not currently have a way to do that.

You can use the HTML field to insert any amount of text between fields on the form. Alternatively, I’ve used this method to pull content from the native WP block editor into a hidden field. This could probably be tweaked to pull/move the content into a visible HTML field and then hide the content being generated by WP. That way you can can use the native WP editor to do the heavy lifting on content creation.

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Thanks so much!

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