Create lead in Zoho after payment has been made (or update existing lead with label)

Hi GF-community,

We’ve created a multi-page form and connected it with our Zoho account.

Currently, if someone clicks on the last button/step ‘Make payment’, the form will be sent to Zoho and a lead will be created. However, someone can still decide not to pay, but the lead has then already been made.

How can we make it so that the form/order gets only sent to our Zoho account when the payment has been successfully made?

If this isn’t possible, how would we be able to update the lead in Zoho by adding the label e.g. PAID after the payment has been made?

Your help is much appreciated, thanks!

Best Regards,


@chrishajer Would be great if you could help us out, thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi David. What are you using to collect payments?

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Hi Chris, thank you for your reply and help. We are using Stripe (iDEAL).


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