Create a Form for WP-ERP to create new employee

Dear Community,
my target is to create a “Gravity Forms” workflow, that automatically create a employee in HR module.
This works fine with CRM in WP-ERP, but where can I change this to create this employee?
The main target here is an onboarding process for new employees (name, birthday, social insurance number, bank account…etc.)

Thanks for help

What did you setup to have the CRM portion work?

The WP-ERP site itself doesn’t mention their API much, but it looks based on this doc site that it’s largely using the WP content types, so you may be able to use the Advanced Post Creation add-on. Or based on that API doc, both the webhook add-on and Gravity Flow’s outgoing webhook step would give you added flexibility to integrate. The latter letting your workflow respond according to the API data or response code.

if you wanted to add additional steps before an employee is created, Gravity Flow could be a very useful tool in your site toolkit:

  • Have the hiring manager create the initial submission through a secured page
  • The employee fills out a User Input step based on their email address to only see the fields of needed info
  • The HR or finance team review/approve the entry to ensure details are correct.
  • The webhook step then creates the employee.
  • Scheduled notification steps to have a welcome/onboarding setup drip out details to the new employee days/weeks after they join?


Thanks for your feedback, Jamie.

We use this setup:

  • WP-ERP Pro
  • WP-ERP Gravity Forms Integration
  • WP-ERP Custom Field Builder
  • Gravity Forms

So, we create a new form for a new employee onboarding. But what in standard happens is, that an entry in CRM is created for a new customer with all the datas / informations. And this I try to change, that there will be a employee created in HR Dashboard, not a Costumer in CRM dashboard. We found no help / ideas in “WP-ERP” or “Gravity Forms” documentation.

Any hint?

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