Copy and edit and standard text

Hi Gravity´s i hope you are able to help me out with this issue :slight_smile:

How is it possible (if at all) to:

Info: I´m using Gravity forms - and GravityPDF

scenario 1) i write a standard text (how?) in field1 read-only (i know the readonly class) IF user dont want to keep this standard text, the field1 text should be displayed in PDF

scenario 2) user want to copyright and Edit standard text . click button/checkbox to copy the standard text into field2

scenario 2.1) edit standard text after copying from field1 into into field2, display the new text from field2 in PDF

scenario 3) or user want to write hos own content - ignore the standart text and write your own text , display the text from field2

I have been working on a solution for weeks, but can´t figure it out.

Have a nice day out there…

Okay, I have to spitball here because I’m not 100% what you are getting at. Do you have a custom PDF Template you are using or are you using a pre made one. I’ve gotten fairly good at the Custom stuff if you can display your code.

Or can you get us an unprotected link to an example PDF? The link should be something like:

If you are trying to do it without coding… It would be hard. You would have to setup multiple “dummy” fields and hide each in a condition. Also you’d then need to exclude the fields you don’t want seen while including the others… which is messy.

If you need it coded and you are not comfortable, Gravity PDF does offer Custom PDF services. I can also offer mine. I might not be as good as they are, but I’m not shabby. Example bellow:


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I´m using a premade PDF?? , but PDF is only a part of my problem :slight_smile: or??

I will try to explain myself again - it didn´t work out so well the first time. I can understand why you are confused :-)…

I have a form which is like a contract, and in that contract, there is a standard text (predefined by me) that users can choose to accept, edit or rewrite.

And it should only be the choosen text that displays in the PDF, but that must be able to fix with conditional logic.

How/where do i write standard text? (field1)
How do user copy it to new field? (field2)
How to i display : field1 if user want to use the standard text, and field2 if user edit or write their own text?

Thanx so much for your time :slight_smile:
Cross my fingers that it makes sense, and maybe you have an idea for a solution

And one more small thing :slight_smile: since you´re very familiar with GravityPDF how do i PREVENT the order/product fields from display in PDF??

It really sounds like what you want will involve coding, and the code they use is pretty much PHP. If you are familiar with that you can teach yourself, but there is a lot of trial and error.

To prevent the Order/Product, in the Template Section there an option to Exclude Fields and that should take care of it.

If that doesn’t work, there are also options in the Template’s body code. Let us know what Template you are using, make sure the PDF is public, and then share the link with us: