Customize pdf with collect data and text

hello i am tring to undesrtand if i can create my pdf to insert.
I need to insert of course data i colletc in the form but i need to insert them in a big document with lots of text that should not appear in the form.
I have given a look , and th ephp customizing looks difficult for me to do as i don’t know php…is there an easier way?

Hi Antonio. The easiest way is definitely Gravity PDF:

Have you already tried the free version?

i am talking about gravity pdf. But to make a custom pdf, with text between various field it is not possible without knwoing php

also, i don’t want all fields in th epdf…some i want some not(i also use conditional logic in the form) , possibily modify their placement …is it possiible that?

Hi Antonio. I recommend contacting Gravity PDF. I believe theirs is the best solution for your requirements. Thank you.