Customize pdf with collect data and text

hello i am tring to undesrtand if i can create my pdf to insert.
I need to insert of course data i colletc in the form but i need to insert them in a big document with lots of text that should not appear in the form.
I have given a look , and th ephp customizing looks difficult for me to do as i don’t know php…is there an easier way?

Hi Antonio. The easiest way is definitely Gravity PDF:

Have you already tried the free version?

i am talking about gravity pdf. But to make a custom pdf, with text between various field it is not possible without knwoing php

also, i don’t want all fields in th epdf…some i want some not(i also use conditional logic in the form) , possibily modify their placement …is it possiible that?

Hi Antonio. I recommend contacting Gravity PDF. I believe theirs is the best solution for your requirements. Thank you.

With Gravity Flow’s PDF Generator extension you do not need to know or use PHP for that. You can use merge tags for values from the form as well as static content that you write into the template within the step settings. Plus, with the Gravity Forms Conditional Shortcode to help you put information into the PDF template conditionally based on field values, you’d have a fairly flexible solution.


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Hi Antonio,

Jake from Gravity PDF here. For text-heavy documents that don’t have a complex layout, you can get good results using the free Blank Slate template + PDF Custom Content + Hiding Form Fields. No PHP knowledge required.

If you’ve a complex layout, it’s best to contact us via our Bespoke PDF service and get a quote for our team to build it for you.

Let me know if you’ve any questions. :+1:


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