Assemble word or pdf document using conditional logic from information gathered on GravityForm

Hi there,

I am wanting to collect information from clients using GravityForm.

Then use the information collected to assemble a word document or pdf document, compiled using conditional logic.

For example, if the person filling the form is a male, then show X block of texts, but if a female, then show Y block of texts.

I not sure if I am on the right direction but I was thinking to send the data collected via GravityForm to Google Sheet, then look at what solutions are out there for document assembly, but would be interested to know if this could be handled by GravityForm natively.

I’ve tried GravityPDF but it looks like all it does is to print the data collected in a PDF.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Michael, you can still use GravityPDF - just create a custom template for it. The instructions are available and their support is very good.

Thank you for that, I will have a look.

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