Conflict with Members plugin

Members (by MemberPress) 3.2.2 conflicts with Gravity Forms 2.6.9
When activating Members all non-GF settings tabs disappear, both in the general GF Settings page and in the per-form settings dropdown (tabs for add-ons like Google Sheets, Event Tracking etc…)
The add-ons keep functioning but their settings can’t be accessed.

Issue persists with 2.7

When you activate a role management plugin like Members, you need to manually enable the Gravity Forms capabilities for your role in the Members role management settings.

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Weird - even for Administrator?

Yes that worked - there was a tab called GF Add-ons, 2 privileges for each add-on, and none were checked.

So Members downgrades permissions? Without Members installed I’m Administrator and have GF-Addons privileges, but with Members installed the admin loses those? That isn’t intuitive.

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