Gravityformsuserregistration not displaying [RESOLVED]

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This page is not displaying anything nor can I see the User Registration Menu item in the left column of the page>>Add on is activated, I have deactivated all plugins in my site, including wpemember , deleted cache and yet nothing. Any suggestions please of do we have a wiz out there who’d like to dive in.

It sounds like your user’s role does not have the gravityforms_user_registration_* capabilities, even if the role is administrator. If you are using a role or capability management plugin now, check there to be sure your user’s role has those capabilities listed. If you are not currently using one, I recommend taking a look at Members:

Thanks Chris

This plugin is in fact that one that caused the GF user registration to not show

Members that is. I have downloaded and tried to follow the processes of this page

atal error : Cannot redeclare members_get_capabilities() (previously declared in /home/bushedor/public_html/wp-content/plugins/user-role-editor/includes/misc-support-stuff.php:30) in /home/bushedor/public_html/wp-content/plugins/members/inc/functions-capabilities.php on line 296

I get this error when I try to reactivate teh plugin

Chris, solution found.

Go to Members Plugin, edit the Administrator Role to add Grant Access to the Gravity Forms and Add Ons and then they can be seen in the Forms edit page.

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