Remove options from Settings dropdown


I am using Gravity Forms on my new platform. Clients will be accessing Gravity Forms to create surveys for their users.

There are certain things that I don’t want clients to touch. For example: when they are creating or editing a new form, I don’t want them to see some settings in the Settings dropdown.


I’ve tried the Gravity Forms documentation and hooks/filters, but to no avail (PHP/Javascript is not my thing, although I can do a little).

Wondering if someone can point me in the right direction or provide a snippet of code? I would appreciate a start.


What settings are you trying to hide? Can you remove capabilities from that user’s role using a plugin like Members?

That could be used to remove all of a specific add-on’s capabilities from a specific role. If you need additional help with a specific menu option under Form Settings, please let us know which options you want to hide or remove.

Chris, appreciate the response.

I have looked into Role Management and it only does so much. I need to hide core Gravity Forms settings like “Personal Data”, and settings within "Form Settings.

Try User Role Editor :slight_smile:

If it can’t be done by Role, I don’t believe there’s a filter in Gravity Forms that will help you.

Have you checked out this plugin at all: