Gravity Quiz setting not displaying in form setting list [RESOLVED]

I have installed the Gravity quiz add-on, but the quiz setting option doesn’t appear in the form settings dropdown list. Ths means I can’t create the result settings.
I’m not sure it has any relevance - I have also installed gravityflow and gravity view extensions.
Has anyone come across this issue previously?

Hello @hbsa. Check to see if your user’s role has the appropriate capabilities. If you are already using a role or capability membership plugin, check there to be sure your role (usually Administrator) has all the gravityforms_* capabilities. If you are not already using something, I recommend using Members to give you control over these:

If that is not the issue, I recommend opening a support ticket here:

Thank you.

Thank you Chris. I have updated the user role capabilities and this has fixed my problem.

Awesome. Thank you for the confirmation.