Collecting A Gravity Form's Recipient's Signature

Does anyone know if it’s possible for a recipient of a Gravity Form, which has been converted into a Gravity PDF, to electronically sign it?

As far as I understand electronic signatures on PDF (not a digital signature) I believe any PDF can be opened in something like Adobe Acrobat Pro or even Reader DC, and you can add a signature image to the PDF by clicking the Fill & Sign button. It does not matter what type of PDF it is, and does not rely on Gravity Forms at all. It’s just adding a digital image (from your computer) to a PDF using a PDF reader or editor plugin.

Please feel free to point out the flaws in my information and we’ll see if we can come up with something more in line with your requirements. Thank you.

Thank you, Chris, This was VERY HELPFUL.

I’ll see if I can take your instructions and apply it to my particular case use.

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