Checkboxes default not showing in site

Hi hive!
My first post here - I’m trying to debug why default valuefor a checkbox won’t show on the site.
Options defaults work fine. It must be something in my customer functions.php / css/ js

I have done the following
-In preview mode, I it works as expected.
-suspecting css issue - I have loaded the site without any css via blocking in inspector. - no luck
-Option radios work fine.
-there is no checked=checked in the html constructed for my checkboxes.
-yes, I do have some cyrillic values for some of them, but the option fields work.
-I tried including the form on another page, and the defaults are still not shown, so it’s form-specific, rather than page-specific

What would be your next logical step for debugging?

I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue. That is the quickest way to a resolution.

If the form works in the preview mode, as expected, it is certainly a conflict with something else on your site. You can use these steps to narrow it down:

Or you can use our Debug add-on (if your site is not multisite enabled) to check for theme and plugin conflicts on the site without affecting any site visits:

Did you find a solution to this? I’m having the same issue. It’s not related to the theme as I’m in the default theme. It just started happening to me today and I haven’t added any new plug-ins.

I’d recommend opening a support ticket for your issue: