Can wordpress users reply to a form, and then form submitters reply to the reply?

Hello all!

I am working with our team to build out a ticket system to replace an old third party ticket system. With GravityForms we have approvals and denials and rejections set up to be the analogs of “closed, open, etc” for support tickets.

GravityForms plus the GravityWiz perks we use cover ALL of our ticket system needs, except possibly one need: wordpress users (our staff) need to be able to reply to tickets, and the submitting user needs to be able to reply to staff, ideally all on the same form.

Is something like this possible? The only alternative we can think of is to use email to reply to the tickets and start the conversation, but we are trying to keep all ticket-related information in the Wordpress site.

Hi Judy. Have you looked at Gravity Flow?

They may be able to help with that.

Thanks Chris, we do actually have a GravityFlow account that we use, and we have looked into it but we don’t see anything that might let us do that, unless you have any suggestions of how to use GravityFlow in a way we might not have noticed.

I am going to flag @JamieO to see if he knows of a way that GravityFlow can help. If it can be done, he will know how.

Thx Chris and yes Gravity Flow has some excellent options related to a ticketing system.

  • You could use a User Input step with a radio button field “Is my issue resolved?” to drive the conditional logic / branches so the submitter always controls whether the ticket goes back to support team after they provide an update.

  • Or an approval step with revert to user input might be better. That also lets you include one-click approve/reject/revert links in email for the submitter to indicate they still require more assistance or not.

  • Both the discussion field and the Workflow Note viable ways to track both staff and submitter to provide updates of what was done/needed when completing the step. The workflow note has a little more usefulness behind the scenes if you are looking to build reports with KPI’s like time since last response, number of staff replies required to close ticket, etc.

If you get stuck in setting up what you’re after, feel free to reach out for support and we would be happy to help.


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