Can we combine woocommerce with Gravity forms?

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Can we combine Wordpress Woocommerce with Gravity forms? We have a Artist Gallery Web site that is using Wordpress Woocommerce at: which accepts payments by regular mail in Checks and Bitcoins, no credit cards are accepted due to all the FRAUD and charge backs for high end purchases. We are now installing another payment system which will be eChecks and we need to know if we can dynamically populate the purchase amount and customer info from Woocommerce to a gravity Forms eCheck payment page on the same Web site and also if this can be done to another Web site to process the eChecks on a different domain. The reason is cost related rather than setting up eChecks on 4-5 web site can we push the check out for eChecks to an eCheck processing site and taking the Total purchase amount and customer info and dynamically populating the Gravity forms eCheck processor page here.

I believe you need to check out Gravity Flow. They have both a Woocommerce extension and an outgoing webhook step.

@JamieO with Gravity Flow could you offer any additional insights?

WOW! That’s Amazing Thank you Derek

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Hi Derek

OK at first I thought Gravity Flow WooCommerce Extension might do the trick, but I didn’t read or see anywhere that FIELDS can be dynamically filled in a Gravity form.

And then gravityflow really didn’t make the grade either. I couldn’t find any documentation that showed dynamically filled Fields in a Gravity form.


I don’t work at Gravity Flow but what I believe you would need to do is collect the payment with Woocommerce, then Gravity Flow will create the entry.

So once your Woocommerce order has been completed you can then use the Gravity Flow update an entry step to fill out your Gravity Forms Echeck form.

Again, @JamieO with Gravity Flow could provide a more in-depth workflow that would suit your needs more precisely.

You might consider reaching out to them directly. You can ask them a question directly here

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There are likely two parts that you would need to be setting up - only the latter of which is Gravity Flow specific:

Depending on your integration setup this may only need a little bit of setup work involving the WooCommerce Rest API and leveraging the Outgoing Webhook step to dynamically map the values back into the appropriate pricing field of the form. Once you have the entry (on each site), our Form Connector extension can help you to create the entry on a remote site (your eCheck payment processing form).

As @user5c0166073a6c48.6 suggested, reach out to us for support and we’re happy to help you getting your workflow setup. If I’ve misunderstood the order of operations in terms of which system you are looking to start the process I apologize. Including a workflow diagram for your high level process is helpful.


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