Capturing data during woocomerce checkout process

Hi there,
a client of ours is wanting to move to using woocommerce and the woocommerce bookings plugin on their website, as part of the booking process the customer selects the number of adults and children attending the booking.
Is there a way we could capture the total number of persons attending and then get the customer to fill in a gravity form where we will ask for the personal information of each person in the booking, once they have completed the form then they continue and checkout/pay.


Hi Jamie. Are you already using this plugin to connect Gravity Forms and WooCommerce?

This sounds like a strong fit for combining Gravity Flow’s WooCommerce and Parent/Child Form Extensions. The latter allows you to define sub-forms which can be completed multiple times within a single step in the workflow. Depending on your WC setup, the workflow steps that integrate with WC can either capture payment details at initial submission to be charged later in workflow or capture payment details + charge at any point in the workflow. See the different step setup guides here.