Can I know what Site or Form is Sending me Notifications?

I feel embarrassed asking this, but is there any way that I can tell what form/site is sending me a notification? Looking at email header or some other fingerprint?

I’ve got multiple sites sending and I think i’ve caught and set up rules for most, but I still get some generic contact us emails (that are spam) that I want to go fix. Unfortunately, I don’t have in the subject line where it’s coming from.


You can use merge tags in the subject or notification message to output additional information. For example, you can use this one to output the URL for the page from where the form was submitted: {embed_url} Merge Tag - Gravity Forms Documentation

Yes, but what I’m asking is after the fact. I don’t know which site SENT the email notification. Generic contact form. I’d like to figure out the site which sent so that I can go edit it. Talking dozens of sites and I just want to identify the one from the email notification.

When viewing the raw source of the email message, the email headers do usually show some indication of the servers/IPs from which the message was sent and through which the message passed. If you have many sites on a shared IP, then it might be a bit trickier to identify the specific site. If you want to DM me the raw source of one of the messages, I’d be happy to help check any such identifiers.

Hi Andy. Joshua’s information is the best for figuring out where the notification came from for an email you already have. Samuel’s information is a good idea going forward for future notifications.

Gravity Wiz provided another option as well, for notifications in the future. Check out this MU plugin they created:

I install that as an MU plugin as soon as Gravity Forms is installed on a site, and it adds a header to all Gravity Forms notifications, so you don’t need to add a merge tag to every notification you create on the site. I find it invaluable when you have a lot of forms on a lot of sites. Maybe this will help you going forward as well.

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