Button to skip current page w/ required fields

Hey everyone,

I’m busy building a multi-page donation form. On the first page users can upload a photo and add a message and then click the next button. Both of the fields must be required.

BUT the user must also be able to click a “skip this step and just donate” button, positioned underneath the next button. How do I go about this, please?

Thanks a ton.

Hi Noëlle. If they can skip the fields and “just donate” then the fields are not required?

If you flipped this around, and put the button “skip this step and just donate” above the photo and message fields, they could be required, and you could hide them with conditional logic when that button is clicked. When those fields are hidden, the form will validate even if they were required (hidden fields not not considered when processing the form, required or not.) Would that work for you?

Hi Chris,

Thanks so much for your reply. Ideally I’d like both fields required if a visitor starts filling in one of them, so that there cannot be a submission with a photo but not message, and visa versa. This because posts are created with these data and displaying on a supporter wall. I could consider using placeholders if this would make things simpler, but this is not ideal. Do you think it would help?


How about if you used a radio button selection that said “I will support a photo and a message” for one option and the other option would be “Skip this step and just donate”. Then, you can use conditional logic to HIDE the two required fields (upload and message) when they selected the “Skip this step and just donate” radio button? Would that work for you?