Semi-required fields

I have a form that has either 10 or 5 pages, depending on the question asked on page one.
On pressing “Next” a message on all NOT filled in fields needs to show a message on validation “Please consider filling this field”. When pressed Next again, it should ignore that “validation” and continue to the next page (or submit).

I have that sorted by tapping into “gform_pre_validation” and “gform_post_paging” .

However, whenever it reaches the “Submit” on page it repeats that process, but puts me back to the first page. The “Submit” on page 5 is identified as a Next button so I can’t use that currently.

I’m trying to identify how I can hook into something before “gform_pre_validation” to find out if it’s submitting OR looking for a next page.

Or is there a better way?

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