Hire a developer for validation [RESOLVED]

To allow user to move onto the next page of questions whilst there are some unanswered question on that page, but not allowing them to submit the whole form if there are questions (which they are required to answer after applying conditional logic to the form) unanswered.

We have marked fields NOT required, which allowed the visitor to proceed without filling out all the fields. However, we need to perform our own validation on the last page of the form, before submission.

We would like to hire a developer for the validation part.

Hey Sara,
Have you looked at https://gravitywiz.com/documentation/gravity-forms-multi-page-navigation/ ? It looks like it has an option for disabling the validation when using their form page links to navigate the form.

Hi Kuztek,

This is exactly what we want. We will look into details. Thank you very much!!