Appending a form with a set of fields dynamically

I have a question for you about automation and it concerns Gravity Forms. You know how Zip Recruiter adds a customized set of questions for some jobs that comes after the main application form?

Well, I’m trying to logically figure out how to make that happen for my client (Recruiter) in a way that keeps me out of it. Here’s what I mean…

  1. Recruiter sends a link to a Candidate to complete a standard questionnaire form that submits those answers to the Recruiter and formats them to PDf to send to the Client (hiring company).

  2. Depending on which client or position it is, additional custom questions would then need to be completed by the Candidate and submitted.

  3. This means that for each Client or position, a new set of fields need to be created with the additional custom questions that are specific to that Client or position. (make sense so far?)

  4. These additional custom questions can either be added dynamically to the standard form OR in a completely new form. (Better if dynamically added to the standard form for several reasons.)

  5. The next part of the challenge is to create a way for the Recruiter to add the additional custom questions to be dynamically added to the standard form. Maybe a private form for the Recruiter to complete that launches a script or something… ?